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7 Tips for the Best Home Cooked Halal Steak of Your Life

7 Tips for the Best Home Cooked Halal Steak of Your Life

Do you believe that a delicious halal steak dinner was only a meal to enjoy at restaurants? Well, what if we told you that cooking a halal steak at home is surprisingly easy and the results will exceed your expectations? Here are seven helpful tips that will guide you through making the best home-cooked halal steak of your life.

  1. Buy the best cut of halal meat you can - Cooking a great steak starts with buying a good cut of meat. And deciding what constitutes a good cut of meat depends on what you're looking for. Do you prefer boneless or bone-in? Are you looking for a halal steak that's super tender and fatty or one a bit leaner with big, beefy flavor? At Halalnivore, we hand cut our gourmet meat so you get the best cut of halal meat that wouldn’t get at your local halal butcher. Have a read through our blog post on the different halal steak cuts.
  2. Make steaks as dry as possible before cooking to get a better crust -No matter how much time you want to give to prepping your steak, it's going to benefit from a very dry surface. Place the steak on a paper towel-lined plate and sprinkle it with salt before letting it sit for 30 minutes. Right before cooking, pat the meat with more paper towels so it's totally dry. No matter what, a dry surface is the secret to an even better crust.
  3. Start with a smoking hot pan or griddle - Whether you're using the stovetop or the oven, you'll want to get your pan or griddle smoking hot before you even think about adding the meat. While the meat is coming to room temperature, heat the skillet under the grill in the oven (for oven-cooked steak) or over a high flame (for the stovetop method), for about 10 minutes. Starting with a extremely hot pan gives the meat a better sear, producing those crispy edges that make a good steak so irresistible.
  4. Don't be afraid to flip the halal meat - When searing a steak on the hob, the best results come from flipping the meat multiple times. Frequent flipping can actually improve the texture and prevent the steak from drying out, since neither side has enough time to lose a lot of heat or absorb excess heat.
  5. Use a thermometer to guarantee the perfect level of doneness - Take the guesswork out of feeling the meat for doneness and reach for your instant thermometer. When inserted into the thickest part of the steak, this is the most accurate indicator for achieving a perfect steak cooked just the way you like it. Read our guide on steak doneness.
  6. Serve it right away, well within 3-5 minutes! - Did you think we were going to tell you to let your steak rest so the juices can redistribute? “Resting" for too long actually works against the meat, leaving it cold, softening the hard-earned crust, and overcooking it. So the good news is that you get to eat your steak right away! And if it ends up "resting" a bit, that's really no big deal because you were making an awesome pan sauce anyway, right?
  7. Always slice steak against the grain - This is the final step before sinking your teeth into that juicy steak you just cooked, and it's a crucial one. Slicing your halal meat against (or through) the grain, rather than with the grain, results in more tender, less chewy pieces of meat. Perfect for making an amazing halal sirloin steak sandwich.


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