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Know the difference between halal rib-eye and rump?

Know the difference between halal rib-eye and rump?

We’ve put together a rough guide on the different halal steak cuts that are included in Halalnivore's halal meat boxes.

Rib eye steak

Rib eye comes from a cow's rib section and is a classic cut. It is known for being tender and having a rich a flavour because of the fat marbled within the steak. We recommend cooking it medium rare to medium.

Sirloin Steak

Cut from the upper centre part of the cow, this is a popular cut. The extreme tenderness and marbling within a sirloin is present because the cow doesn’t use that part very much.

Fillet steak

A very lean and tender steak that comes from inside the sirloin. This part of the cow isn’t worked at all, so it has no fat, but on the downside it doesn't have much flavour. It needs very little cooking we recommend it is cooked medium rare to rare.

T-bone steak

The best of both worlds because it’s a sirloin and fillet split with a bone! It’s an art cooking the perfect T-bone because both sides cook at different rates. We recommend a medium doneness for this one!

Rump steak

A steak full of flavour, cut from the backside of the cow . It's best to cook a rump thick and then slice into ribbons when serving. We recommend cooking this one a bit longer – around three/four minutes each side (depending on size). Best cooked medium to medium rare.

We are constantly introducing new halal steak cuts, so why not try one of our halal meat boxes and find out which type of steak is your favourite?

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