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How to cook the 'perfect' halal steak

How to cook the 'perfect' halal steak

Cook your halal steak like a pro!

You've bought your gourmet halal steak with perfect marbling, so now what? Cooking a perfect steak is simple and doesn't need to be a mystical art form. 

A lot of purists will tell you that good meat should be eaten RARE and without any additional marinade beyond salt and pepper. Others like it WELL DONE and can't handle a steak to be slightly pink! It all depends on your unique individual tastes.

So how do you cook that perfect steak then? You'll find some simple cooking times depending on your preferred doneness of steak.

Rare - Seared around the edges, red interior.

Seared 2 1/2 minutes on each side and rest 5 minutes before serving

Medium Rare - Seared outside, pinkish red interior.

Seared 3-4 minutes on each side and rest 4 minutes before serving

Medium - Pink centre, surrounded by brown meat.

Seared 4 minutes on each side and rest for 3 minutes before serving

Medium Well - Faint pink colour throughout.

Seared 5 minutes on each side and rest for 2 minutes before serving

Well Done - Solid brown colour throughout.

Seared 6 minutes each side and rest for 1 minute before serving

Additional Tips:

  • If steak is frozen, allow to defrost naturally before cooking
  • Roughly two hours before you cook, remove the steaks from the vacuum bag and refrigerate
  • Remove steaks from fridge ½ hour before cooking
  • Heat your grill or pan to the maximum before cooking

We like to experiment and bring out unique flavours each time we tuck into some of our gourmet halal steaks. Check out our unique Steak Rub ideas to add an extra zing to your halal steak night!


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