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Steak and Halloumi Sushi Rolls

Steak and Halloumi Sushi Rolls

Who says you cook a halal gourmet steak on griddle, bbq or in the oven? Ever thought about cutting it up into strips and making sushi? Check out this cool steak video recipe from our friends over at 'The Food Bible' and see what amazing things you can do with a Halal 8oz Brazilian sirloin

And for those that say this is not really sushi because it doesn't contain fish. Well, the jury's out on that one! However, we've checked with some sushi masters and apparently 'Sushi' refers to the type of sticky rice used rather than the roll, and no fish has to be used. As long as it's a roll, it's colloquially referred to as Sushi. (We're great at parties!)

Tell us how you got along with this recipe in the comment section below. We'd love to hear from you! 

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