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Halal Breakfast Pancake Burger

Breakfast with Halalnivore by Steak & Teeth Blog!

Start your morning right with a gourmet steak or burger with a breakfast twist. Our friends over at Steak and Teeth have put together two sensational recipes for the perfect 'meaty' start to your day. 

Read through the full Steak & Teeth Blog and follow along their amazing recipes for a delicious Halal meat filled breakfast!

Here's a brief summer of what they got upto:

"...A couple of weeks ago, I made a startling realisation. In the midst of my early morning gym excursions and the rush to get to clinic on time, my day to day breakfasts rarely consist of anything other than porridge, cereal, or granola. I am, in essence, a vegetarian by morning.

Shocked, disgusted, and filled with a sense of self-betrayal, I sought the help of my GP, who advised that since my anti-vegetariantigens were already at an adequate level, I should carry out some self-meatication instead. Alas when I returned home, I found that my emergency meatical cabinet was all but bare, and just as I began to lose hope, I received a knock at the door. To my delight, Halalnivore had caught wind of my “dilamba”, and sent over a chilled box of fresh, vacuum-packed meat. For those of you who are unfamiliar with them, Halalnivore is a halal gourmet meat club who have tasked themselves with an ongoing mission to give local butchers a run for their quality. Grateful for their relief efforts, I set about trying to boost my “immoone” system, and have conjured up a couple of meaty breakfast ideas that you too can try at home."

Head over to Steak & Teeth blog for the full post. But before you go, here's a sneak preview of what they made:

Pancake Halal Beef Burger - Sensational and decadent!

Breakfast pancaka halal burger

Halal Steak & Eggs - A wholesome classic!

Halal Steak and Eggs for Breakfast
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