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Top 5 Halal Steak Dinners

Top 5 Halal Steak Dinners sure to make you hungry!

Having a halal steak as it is is the best way to enjoy it, but sometimes you need to be adventurous and change things up a bit.

We've found this great video that shows you some amazing and easy things you can make with your Halalnivore steak. Turn your steak into something even more special with these top 5 halal steak dinner recipes. We guarantee you'll be so hungry after watching the video that you'll go and order some of our amazing halal meat cuts straight away!

Not making these recipes would be a huge missed steak!

(courtesy of Buzzfeed)

The 5 recipes included:

  • Stuffed steak rolls
  • Steak nachos
  • 7 Layer steak sandwich
  • Steak and avocado salad
  • Garlic butter steak
Feeling inspired? Don't forget to order your gourmet halal meat and we'll deliver it straight to your door, in the UK, every Thursday!
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